Citizen‘s benefits – Basic income support for jobseekers

Book II of the Social Code (SGB II) – Questions and answers

Our social safety net is one of our most precious assets. It is there to support people in need, and gives them new opportunities in life and employment prospects.

This is ensured by citizen’s benefit (Bürgergeld), also known as basic income support for jobseekers (regulated by Book II of the Social Code (SGB II)). Citizen’s benefit is a cash benefit which jobseekers and their families receive from jobcentres to ensure they can pay for their essential living expenses. Jobcentres also help people to escape unemployment quickly and permanently. They offer people who are capable of work and eligible for citizen’s benefit a wide range of assistance in looking for a job and starting work. It is also possible to undertake continuing education or training if this is needed first. Ensuring that the children of citizen’s benefit claimants have access to education and participation is also a priority. But those who avail themselves of taxpayer-funded benefits provided by the state must, in return, actively work to be able to stand on their own feet again in financial terms as soon as possible. This is in the best interests of society, but also the best interests of each and every claimant who is capable of work. Jobcentres provide support in a spirit of partnership and in cooperation with claimants.