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We provide you with selected contents from this portal as an "RSS feed" free of charge. You can thus read the latest contents using a newsreader or integrate them in your weblog.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is used by websites to circulate or exchange contents. The format is XML-based and easy to use. The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs' RSS feed is constantly being updated. You receive the title and the introduction of the updated contents and you can read the feed using a newsreader.

Which RSS feeds does the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs offer?

The BMAS currently offers the following RSS feed in English:

Click on the link to call up the required RSS feed.

Reading feed using an RSS reader

You will need a RSS newsreader to read the RSS feed. You can call up various information sources simultaneously using a small add-on program. These add-on programs are often free of charge and can usually be used like a mail program. A list with feed readers can be found on Wikipedia. The BMAS feed can be set up quickly. Simply enter the link for the respective XML file as the address (see "Which RSS feeds does the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs offer?").

Integrating RSS feed in an Internet page

You can also integrate the BMAS' RSS feed in your Internet page or weblog (basic programming knowledge required).

Terms of use

The BMAS reserves the right to prohibit Internet pages from integrating the contents of their pages without stating any reasons.

Write to us

Please write to us with your suggestions for our RSS feed. You can also contact us if you have any questions or problems.