Information from the BMAS for those affected by the war in Ukraine

Information from the BMAS for those affected by the war in Ukraine

Skilled Labour

Our plans for Germany as a nation of skilled labour

Germany is a nation of innovators, craftsmen and skilled workers. Find out what we have planned to ensure that working as a skilled worker has a future in Germany, thus securing the skilled labour needed by companies.


Skilled Labour

Federal Labour Minister Hubertus Heil and Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser travelled to Canada this week to learn more about the country's immigration policies. In Ottawa and Toronto they saw how skilled workers from abroad are being successfully recruited and integrated into society.

Skilled Labour

Ukrainian officials visited the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Berlin to discuss continuing vocational education and training, with a focus on mitigating the impact of war on Ukraine's labor market and economy. Germany's system was presented, and possibilities for transferring knowledge were discussed.


Bilateral cooperation between the German and Bulgarian labour and social affairs ministries has been close since back in 1991. In order to deepen this cooperation, State Secretary Dr. Rolf Schmachtenberg and his Bulgarian counterpart Deputy Minister Natalia Efremova signed a joint work programme for the period 2023/2024 on 13 March 2023.

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Translated information about the minimum wage

الحد الأدنى للأجور (Arabisch)

Płaca minimalna (Polnisch)

Salariul minim pe economie (Rumänisch)

Le salaire minimum (Französisch)

Ο Κατώτατος Μισθός (Griechisch)

Il salario minimo (Italienisch)

Asgari ücret (Türkisch)

El salario mínimo (Spanisch)

A minimálbér (Ungarisch)




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