Skilled Labour

The Federal Government’s skilled labour strategy

The challenges Germany is facing in terms of its labour market and its efforts to secure the supply of skilled labour have grown: the long-term, far-reaching transformation processes of digitalisation, demographic change and decarbonisation are changing the landscape for businesses in Germany at an increasing pace. Then there are the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic repercussions of the war in Ukraine, and the growing need for climate change adaptation.

This long-term structural change can only be navigated successfully if we have enough skilled hands and bright minds. Securing and expanding Germany’s already good skilled labour pool is therefore key to the country’s innovative capacity and performance as we move towards a socio-ecological market economy. It is also essential so that we can be flexible in responding to new challenges and take a proactive approach to foreseeable changes in the labour market. Securing the supply of skilled labour thus also helps to make our social security systems fit for the future. It is a priority in labour market and education policy.