The Ministry

Hubertus Heil appoints State Secretaries

Following last week's swearing in of the Parliamentary State Secretaries, Federal Minister Hubertus Heil today appointed the Permanent State Secretaries at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS). In future, the Ministry will have three Permanent State Secretaries.

  • Leonie Gebers will be in charge of the Central Directorate-General as well as of Directorates-General I (Basic Issues of the Social State, the World of Work and the Social Market Economy) and II (Labour Market Policy, Employment of Foreign Workers, Unemployment Insurance and Basic Income Support for Jobseekers).
  • Björn Böhning will be responsible for the new DA Directorate-General (Digitalisation and the World of Work) and for Directorate-General III (Labour Law and Occupational Safety and Health) as well as for Directorate VI b (International Employment and Social Policy).
  • Rolf Schmachtenberg , who has so far headed Directorate-General V, will be the State Secretary responsible for Directorate-General IV (Social Insurance and Old-Age Security) and Directorate-General V (Participation of Persons with Disabilities, Social Assistance and Social Compensation) as well as for Directorate VI a (European Union, European Employment and Social Policy) and for the EF Group (European Funds for Employment).