State Secretary Fahimi holds talks on labour market policy in Israel and Germany

Labour market policy in Germany and Israel was the focus of talks between State Secretary Yasmin Fahimi and the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Federal Employment Agency Frank-Jürgen Weise with the head of Israel's labour market services, Boaz Hirsch, and the chairman of its board, Moshe Shimoni. At the meeting, the focus was on integrating groups of individuals on the margins of the labour market into the workforce. They also talked about flanking labour market policies with minimum wages and the advantages of the German education system.

State Secretary Fahimi stated:

In Germany we have to take particular care of the groups of people who have not been able to benefit sufficiently from the good state of the labour market. I am thinking here, for example, of the long-term unemployed, but also the many refugees that we must place in work.

The delegation visited the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on June 29.