Kyrgyz Deputy Prime Minister Visits Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

On 27 November 2014, State Secretary Jörg Asmussen met State Secretary Jörg Asmussen met with Kyrgyz Deputy Prime Minister Valery Dil at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS). The comprehensive reforms of the Kyrgyz Government were at the heart of their meeting. Deputy Prime Minister Dil outlined the current economic and social situation in Kyrgyztan, and stressed that there was no way around extensive reforms. He asked for Germany's support with implementing the planned reforms. He added that in many areas Germany was a role model for Kyrgyztan.

Deputy Prime Minister Dil voiced a special interest in cooperating with the BMAS concerning policies for people with disabilities. State Secretary Asmussen highlighted that there already was close cooperation between Germany and Kyrgyztan, and he promised to support Kyrgyztan's reform plans.

The two politicians also discussed the economic and social implications of Kyrgyztan's planned accession to the Eurasian free trade zone.