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Samet Sever

European Globalisation Fund (EGF) finances qualification for family man

I was able to gain further qualifications and thus become fit for the labour market.

For nine years, Samet Sever worked at the tyre manufacturer Goodyear Dunlop in Philippsburg. As a machine operator and inspector, he helped to ensure that flawless tyres came off the production line. But then the plant was to be closed in 2017. Samet Sever and the more than 600 other workers were laid off. They were all threatened with unemployment. Samet Sever's problem: He had work experience in production and was gifted as a craftsman. But the father of four children had never completed any formal training. What was to be the next step for the 40-year-old?

The European Globalisation Fund (EGF) helped Samet Sever and the others laid off by Goodyear Dunlop to find a new perspective. The former employees of the tyre manufacturer were intensively advised by the personnel transfer service provider weitblick on their options on the labour market. Samet Sever's first idea was to start his own business in gardening and home services. However, when drawing up a business plan, he realised that this was not the right thing for him after all.

Instead, Samet Sever decided to complete a seven-week qualification as a welder with a focus on MAG welding (metal active gas welding). With this qualification, his chances of continuing to work in the production of vehicles or vehicle parts were very good. The European Globalisation Fund supported his wish and financed the qualification for the family man.

After successfully passing the final examination, Samet Sever was not abandonned, but was supported in finding a job thanks to the European Globalisation Fund. EvoBus GmbH, the largest European subsidiary of Daimler AG, was urgently looking for welders to manufacture buses. Samet Sever dared to take the aptitude test. He passed. Since October 2018, Samet Sever has an employment contract with EvoBus GmbH.

Thanks to the European Globalisation Fund, the closure of the Goodyear Dunlop plant in Philippsburg did not mean unemployment for Samet Sever. On the contrary, he was able to gain further qualifications - and thus become fit for the labour market. He is completely satisfied with his new tasks at EvoBus GmbH. A true success story.