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Social Security Compass

Social security in comparison

Cover of the publication „Social Security Compass“.
  • Version December 2017
  • Availability as PDF
  • Product number A802

The brochure explains the social security systems in the EU Member States. Tables help to visualize the differences and the communalities of the respective national social security systems. All thematic areas are covered:

Part I

Social Security in Europe

  • Fundamental Social Rights in Europe
  • EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • Financing and Structure

Part II

Social Europe for all

Coordinating Social Systems

  • Social Security System Coordination
  • Family and Child Benefit
  • Maternity Leave
  • Health, Preventive Healthcare and Long-term Care
  • Continuation of Pay
  • Unemployment
  • Accidents in the Workplace and Work-Related Illness
  • Invalidity
  • Old-Age Pensions
  • Surviving Dependants
  • Labour Law

Working in Europe

  • Termination of Employment
  • Codetermination
  • Conflict and Arbitration

Fighting Poverty

  • Social Hardship


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You can either order the database as a DVD or access the database online at You can also order a copy of the brochure in German.

Revision date

The database of the orderable broshure is current as of 1 January 2015. The text sections of this publication are current as of December 2014 and where possible cover developments beyond that date. The information contained in the tables is based on the latest available reference data contained in EUROSTAT 2011.