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2017 Progress Report on the Federal Government's Skilled Labour Concept

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  • Version August 2017
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The fourth progress report 2017 takes stock of what we have achieved so far on our way to securing skilled labour. It discovers the milestones we have already reached and gives an outlook on where we need to step up our efforts.

The German economy is thriving and the labour market is in excellent shape. However, these positive results also mean that a smart and proactive approach to securing the base of skilled labour will continue to be crucial for the future development of the German economy.

Skill and vo­ca­tion­al de­vel­op­ment needs over the pe­ri­od to 2030

Matching supply and demand in the labour market in times of structural change will be the key challenge for economic and labour-market policy. To make sure that the German economy will remain successful in the future and that everyone will take a share of our prosperity, skilled workers need the right skills and qualifications.