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Social Security

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  1. Statu­to­ry oc­cu­pa­tion­al ac­ci­dent in­sur­ance

    Statutory occupational accident insurance is an arm of the social insurance system.

  2. So­cial as­sis­tance

    Anyone living in Germany who falls on hard times should still be allowed to live in human dignity.

  3. Com­pen­sa­tion and as­sis­tance for war vic­tims

    Victims' compensation and assistance is based on the provisions set out in the Federal War Victims Relief Act (Bundesversorgungsgesetz), which was originally enacted to provide for WWII victims and their surviving dependants.

  4. Com­pen­sa­tion and as­sis­tance for vic­tims of vi­o­lent crime

    Anyone who suffers damage to his/her health as a result of a violent crime committed against himself/herself or against a relative is entitled to compensation under the Crime Victims' Compensation Act.

  5. 450 Eu­ro mi­ni jobs/marginal em­ploy­ment

    New rules starting 1 January 2013. The wage threshold is now 450 euros per month.

  6. Kün­stler­sozialver­sicherung (Artists' So­cial Se­cu­ri­ty Fund)

    Self-employed artists and writers usually find themselves in financial and social circumstances similar to those of employees.