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  1. Com­pa­ny pen­sions

    Company pension plans have traditionally been something that employers provide on a voluntary basis.

  2. Old-age pen­sions

    Under a law aiming to adjust the minimum pensionable age in line with demographic change, the minimum age for a standard pension in Germany is to be gradually increased.

  3. Pen­sions from age 67

    Raising the pension age to 67 is the right answer to demographic change.

  4. Per­son­al pro­vi­sion for old age

    When it comes to saving to supplement your pension or investing money many options are available for every need and every purse that it is very difficult to choose.

  5. Re­duced earn­ing ca­pac­i­ty pen­sions

    Employees who are only able to work a few hours a day because of their health can apply for a reduced earning capacity pension.

  6. Statu­to­ry pen­sion in­sur­ance

    Germany has a highly developed social state. The social state principle is enshrined in Germany's constitution, the German Basic Law (Article 20 (1) and Article 28 (1)).

  7. Sur­viv­ing de­pen­dants' pen­sions

    Makes up for lost maintenance in the form of surviving dependants' pensions paid on account of the insured person's death.