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Labour Market

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  1. Job Place­ment

    Among the services for employment promotion, public job placement - free of charge for all users - is a particularly important element of governmental welfare and is one of the core modern services on the labour market.

  2. Em­ploy­ment pro­mo­tion

    The objectives of employment promotion in unemployment insurance are to nip unemployment in the bud or to shorten the duration of unemployment, and to support the balance of supply and demand on the training and labour markets.

  3. Un­em­ploy­ment ben­e­fit

    Eligibility period, amount, new provisions for unemployment benefit

  4. Ba­sic in­come sup­port for job-seek­ers

    Basic income support for job-seekers is a tax-financed state welfare system which provides primarily payments to employable persons in need of assistance to integrate them into the labour market or into employment.

  5. Em­ploy­ment of for­eign­ers

    The immigration of foreign employees to Germany from Romania and Bulgaria as well as from third countries, is controlled by a two-level demand-driven system

  6. As­sis­tance for mi­grants

    The equal participation of people with migration backgrounds in the economy and society requires not only a good education, but in particular good training and skilled employment

  7. Labour mar­ket statis­tics and re­search

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