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Labour market statistics and research

July 20, 2011

Labour market statistics and research

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You can find a great deal of information on the Internet about statistics and the labour market. This page is intended to help you find your way around.

Unemployment, labour market policy instruments, training seekers, registered job openings, benefits under Book Three of the Social Code

The most important address for these fields of topics is the statistics website of the Federal Employment Agency. Here, you will find the monthly labour market report, interactive diagrams with summarised data for all districts and agencies, a page with analysis, methodology and special reports that are updated monthly, as well as contact information for the five regional statistics services and for the central data office of statistics.

The section "Detaillierte Übersichten" (detailed overviews) contains a large number of tables, and you can choose between recent data since the year 2005 and older data material.

In order to ensure the transparency of the methods, definitions and data quality of the individual statistical departments, the statistics of the Federal Employment Agency publish relevant quality and methodology reports. You can consult these to better interpret the statistical results.

If you require current labour market data with regard to the districts of the Employment Agencies, they can be found on the website of the Federal Employment Agency in the section at the top entitled "Partner vor Ort" (local partners). You can reach the agency districts and their webpages by navigating through the respective federal Länder. The section entitled "Zahlen Daten Fakten" (facts and figures) offers access to data material - for example the monthly labour market report - at employment agency level. Above and beyond this, a number of tables are contained in the above-described website of the Federal Employment Agency statistics, regionally arranged according to agencies or to districts and municipalities not associated with a district.

Basic income support for job-seekers

At the cited Internet address of the statistics of the Federal Employment Agency you can access extensive data material on joint households and their members, monetary payments and further features related to basic income support for job-seekers. In addition, information can be found there on the data transmission standard for approved local supporting organisations.

Based on the diverse information on basic income support for job-seekers, the statistics of the Federal Employment Agency also provide you with a data pool containing key figures for interregional comparisons at the level of the political structure and of the regional structure based on Book Two of the Social Code.

Persons subject to obligatory social insurance and marginal employment

Here, too, the website of the statistics of the Federal Employment Agency is your first choice. On the above-cited page on "Detailed Information", the category headed "Beschäftigung" (employment) contains the official employment statistics with extensive data on employees subject to obligatory social insurance and on employees with marginal earnings.

Research reports on various labour market-related topics

The Federal Employment Agency's Institute for Employment Research offers more data on the labour market. The institute's website provides access to research reports concerning various labour market-related topics under the "Publications" menu.

Persons in employment according to the microcensus and National Accounts

The website of the Federal Statistical Office provides information on this topic. There, the section headed "Labour Market" contains not only the latest data on gainful employment from the National Accounts, but also the current results of the microcensus. The microcensus is an annual survey of 1% of the population on their employment, education and family circumstances. In addition, the website of the Federal Statistical Office will provide you with information on employment in the public service.

International data

Since Europe is becoming increasingly important, we wish to point out data that are comparable EU-wide. The most important address for this is the website of the Statistical Office of the European Union, Eurostat. The tab labelled "Statistics" includes statistics on the subject of "Population and social conditions", where there is plenty to discover concerning the labour market, such as the monthly EU unemployment figures, as well as the latest figures from the Labour Force Survey of the EU Member States and of the accession countries.

Under each of the statistics, the menu headed "Main tables" leads to extensive tables for all 27 EU Member States. The "Database" menu allows you to compile customised tables.

There are also reports and data on a variety of topics to be found on the website of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, for instance, under "What we do", in the section entitled "Employment", you can find the topic "European Employment Strategy" and its annual "National Employment Policy Action Plans."

Moreover, the International Labour Organization and the OECD offer interesting data on the topic of the labour market.