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Positive situation in the training market overall

July 11, 2013

Following the conclusion of the vocational guidance year on 30 September 2012 and the start of the follow-up placement campaign, the partners to the Training Pact and the Federal Employment Agency have taken stock of the situation in the training market.

Engineer staff training

For many young people the situation in the training market remains positive in 2012. Aiming to secure the supply of skilled labour in the future, industry – buoyed by the stable economic outlook – again slightly increased the number of vocational training positions on offer. At the same time, there has also been a slight increase in the number of applicants. However, at the end of September there were more vacant positions than unplaced applicants. Businesses were unable to find suitable candidates in many industries and regions.

For weaker candidates, however, it is still difficult to find a direct route to initial training. It is becoming increasingly important to find a perfect fit between applicants and companies.

Against this backdrop the partners to the Training Pact today signed the Joint Declaration to Provide Targeted Support to Young People in Making the Transition to In-Company Training.

In the transition period the aim is to more closely align the various offerings, and group them together where warranted, so that young people can find a direct route to training and a professional qualification. Young people with the educational standards and skills to commence vocational training are to be integrated directly into an in-company training programme. School-leavers who cannot find a direct route to in-company training require particular assistance. Weaker candidates need particularly intensive guidance and support, as well as offerings that suit their profiles. There is also the need to make greater use of in-company schemes when preparing young people in need of assistance for vocational training.

Vo­ca­tion­al guid­ance, ca­reer coun­selling and place­ment in train­ing

The Federal Employment Agency plays a key role in integrating young people into the workplace and training system.