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Securing your livelihood

October 7, 2015

Under certain circumstances, you can obtain assistance to pay for your cost of living. You can find out about the relevant legal provisions here.

Graphic of the several statuses as asylum applicant

Asylum applicants & tolerated persons

Asylum applicants in Germany can claim benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act. During the first 15 months, you are only entitled to benefits to meet basic needs, which commence in the initial reception centre. After that, you will receive cost of living assistance and sickness and care benefits in keeping with Social Code XII. In exchange, however, you are also obliged to actively cooperate in meeting the requirements of your asylum procedure. Otherwise, benefits can be reduced if you extend your stay in abuse of rights.

Persons entitled to asylum & quota refugees

They have unlimited access to the labour market. On recognition, the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act no longer applies for them and they fall under Social Code II, which then provides for both placement assistance and passive benefits in job centres.

Overview of labour-mar­ket ac­cess

Overview of labour-market access - Information on ways to gain access to the labour market, cost of living assistance and integration and programme support benefits by asylum status