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Info for asylum seekers in Germany

This is where asylum seekers can find out all they need to know about asylum procedure, labour-market access, recognition of qualifications and assistance in Germany.

Relevant content

  1. The In­te­gra­tion Act

    The Integration Act (Integrationsgesetz) promotes rapid integration into the labour market.

  2. Asy­lum pro­ce­dure

    What is the procedure up for approving asylum applications in Germany? You can find out here.

  3. Learn­ing Ger­man

    Learning the language is essential to find your bearings as fast as possible in Germany. Here you can find out where refugees can get help to learn German.

  4. Recog­ni­tion of your qual­i­fi­ca­tions

    You have a better chance of finding a good job if you have an occupational qualification, a school-leaving certificate or a university degree. Find out here how your qualification is assessed and approved in Germany.

  5. Nav­i­gat­ing the labour mar­ket

    It is not easy to find your way around in a foreign country. Here are some different ways you can gain initial practical experience on the German labour market.

  6. Ini­tial and Con­tin­u­ing Train­ing

    Some occupations in Germany require vocational training or higher education qualifications. There are many ways to obtain these through further training - at school, in a business or at a higher education institution.

  7. Ways for refugees to gain ac­cess to the labour mar­ket

    Access to the German labour market depends on your asylum procedure. Here is where you can get a general picture of the status of asylum applicants, tolerated persons and recognised refugees.

  8. Your rights

    Various legal safeguards apply to the German labour market that protect you as an employee from bad working conditions and unfair pay. Here is an overview.

  9. Get­ting help

    The Federal Employment Agency and job centres will give you advice and assistance to find employment in Germany. Depending on your asylum procedure, you can also claim additional educational and support benefits to help you find work quickly.

  10. Se­cur­ing your liveli­hood

    Under certain circumstances, you can obtain assistance to pay for your cost of living. You can find out about the relevant legal provisions here.