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New EU limit values set for workplace carcinogens

December 21, 2020

Better protection for European workers – this success was achieved by the EU member states with an amendment to the carcinogens directive during the German EU Council Presidency.

Fotografie der neuen Richtlinie

During Germany’s EU Council Presidency, EU member states reached agreement on the fourth package of amendments to the carcinogens directive, establishing the basis for the negotiations with the European Parliament. The package contains limit values for three carcinogens.

The proposal would, if adopted by the European Parliament and the EU-Commission, set workplace limit values for 28 of the most important carcinogenic substances and compounds. This will help to ensure that workers' health is protected at a uniformly high level throughout the EU.

The reform addresses three substances in particular. Two substances with limit values are to be newly included in the carcinogens directive (acrylonitrile, nickel compounds) and an existing limit value is to be lowered (benzene). In Germany, there are already limit values for all three substances, guaranteeing a high level of occupational safety.

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